Petition to Protect Porbeagles Getting Tons of Support

In just three days, we’ve gotten almost 15 thousand signatures on our petition to ask Canada to stop beinggetting in the way of an international proposal to protect porbeagle sharks. Pretty wild!

In three more days begins the international meeting at which this proposal will be put forward (ICCAT), and I hope that this outpouring of support will show Canada that they have to make the right decision and agree to protect this shark from being fished any further.

To those who have already signed and helped to spread the word, I can’t thank you enough. It is really amazing to see that so many people care about this shark and Canada’s international reputation. I’m overwhelmed and so grateful to you all! 

If you haven’t signed it yet, please do! The more people that send letters to the Canadian government, the more powerful this petition can be in changing their minds.

Petition: Canada, protect porbeagle sharks from politics!