Marine Stewardship Council update

Can you believe this is still going on? For almost TWO YEARS we have been telling the Marine Stewardship Council that people won’t trust a green ‘eco-label’ that greenwashes fisheries who kill sharks and sea turtles. It has been a long fight and we don’t have the same deep pockets as the fishery consultants seem to – but we’ve hung in there and the end is in sight!

On January 10th, 2012, an independent adjudicator will hear our case in Halifax, Nova Scotia and FINALLY decide whether we’ve been right along. We’ve jumped through all the hoops and now have the chance to present our 40 page science-based objection. The adjudicator usually takes the fishery’s side in these hearings, but our objection is so strong – and this fishery is so destructive – that I just can’t help getting my hopes up!

I expect to hear the final yay or nay on whether the fishery gets the certification at the end of January. Stay tuned for the next update