Just One Week to Go!

I can’t believe I’ll be arriving in London in just one week! I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to share my ‘shark tales’ from the road, so I hope you’ve been checking the waypoints on my blog map for photos and snippets of my experiences riding a bicycle through Spain and France.

France has been tres fantastique~ the food, the coastal scenery, but especially the friends I met along the way. I had a very warm welcome at Aquarium Septieme Continent, and was treated to random acts of kindness and support at cafes all the way up the coast. Many new friends were shocked to learn that the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is planning to eco-certify one of Canada’s most wasteful fisheries.

I’m getting faster, too, though maybe I am just forgetting my sleek speed that is my trademark below the waves. I’ll be delighted to dip into the channel tomorrow, after a stop to visit friends at the St. Malo Aquarium. After some swim time, I should be refreshed and ready for my final leg in England, where I’ll be stopping at the Brighton Aquarium to help kick off EU Shark Week before heading for my final stop in London.

This time next week I hope to be meeting with  MSC CEO Rupert Howes in his London office to remind him that consumers need to be able to trust eco-labels like the MSC so they can make seafood choices that do not threaten sharks and turtles. I’m going to share the Objection filed by concerned environmental groups like David Suzuki Foundation, Ecology Action Centre, Oceana, and the Sea Turtle Conservancy. And I’m going to show him how many friends are supporting my journey to protect sharks and turtles.

Please stay tuned over the next week because I am going to need to lean on all of my amazing land friends to make sure MSC understands that it would be a very bad idea to eco-certify the Canadian Longline Swordfish fishery.