Handsome Hector, for now…

Hola Friends! I’m currently making my way across the wide Atlantic Ocean at a clip of almost 40 kilometers an hour. I don’t mean to brag, but yeah, I’m pretty fast. I wish you could see my handsome grace as I plane along through the open ocean on my flat belly and wing-like pectoral fins.

Allow me to enjoy my poise while it lasts, okay? Because soon enough I will be a real fish out of water. I’m pretty nervous about getting on a bicycle and pedalling all the way from Spain to England! My land-loving friends have assured me that I will get the hang of it but I think I am going to look pretty darn awkward.

Even though I truly enjoy being handsome and sleek, I am willing to “put myself out there” if that is what it takes to let the Marine Stewardship Council know that my friends and I are serious about stopping the eco-certification of the Canadian Swordfish longline fleet. This fishery is very destructive: for every 20 000 swordfish they catch, 100 000 sharks are thrown back injured or dead!

Stay tuned to my blog- I’ll be posting photos and thoughts as I make my way towards London. And I’m still checking my facebook pretty regularly, so please send along notes of encouragement, and most of all, be sure to “like” me!