Endangered Turtles and Sharks Lose Out

Sad news today, my friends. Remember those 800 letters that we sent? Or those 35 marine conservation organizations that supported us in asking the Marine Stewardship Council to stay true to their cause of protecting the oceans and endangered and sensitive species? Or that meeting I learned to ride a bike for? Well, it looks like the MSC didn’t listen.

After months of hard work preparing our official Objection, the MSC adjudicator decided to “show deference to the determinations of the Certifying Body” and not get into any “argument about the evidence”. The only changes he required are minor ones.

All is not lost, though! The complete disregard that the MSC has shown for the fact that two sharks are killed for every swordfish caught in this fishery and that 200-500 endangered sea turtles die every year means that they are throwing away their claim to recognize sustainable fisheries. Most retailers these days have sustainable seafood policies. Over the coming months we will be working with them to recognize the fisheries that are going to undermine that work.

We know that no store would want someone to feel ripped off when they hear that their ‘sustainable swordfish’ came with sharks and sea turtles on the side. We are going to keep spreading that message – hopefully with your continued help and support!

Stay tuned, fish friends, this isn’t over yet!