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CITES Protects Three Species of Endangered Shark

Source: CBC: As It Happens | Added on: March 12th, 2013

Jonathan Kathrein has first-hand knowledge of sharks. He bears the scars of a Great White strike that required over 7hrs of surgery and over 600 stitches to close the wounds. Nowadays, though, he is an advocate for their protection.

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Letter to the Editor: Canada Killing Sharks for Pennies

Source: Langley Advance | Added on: Nov 21st, 2012

A great letter on the economics of the porbeagle fishery

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Environmental Groups Celebrate Tuna Protections, Worry About Sharks Left Behind

Source: Fish Informationa and Services | Added on: Nov 21st, 2012

Environmental groups congratulated the(ICCAT) for following scientific advice and not increasing Atlantic bluefin tuna quotas while still concerned by the lack of new steps to protect threatened highly migratory species of sharks

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Canada Loses Bid for More Tuna, Rebuffs Push to Protect Sharks

Source: Globe and Mail | Added on: Nov 20th, 2012

Canada’s attempt to increase the amount of a vulnerable species of tuna that can be fished out of the Atlantic Ocean has been shot down by other countries but Canadian negotiators have managed to block international efforts to protect an endangered type of shark.

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Fishing Nations Maintain Tuna Quotas

Source: Huffington Post | Added on: Nov 20th, 2012

Fishing countries on Monday voted to keep up strict limits on catching Atlantic Bluefin tuna while newly proposed protection measures for mako and porbeagle sharks, which also come under the commission's purview, were not adopted

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'Canada's shark' still swimming without Canada's protection

Source: iPolitics | Added on: Nov 5th, 2012

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is under fire for its refusal to ban fishing on the endangered porbeagle Shark, commonly referred to as “Canada’s shark.”

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Mixed Results for Sharks at Atlantic Tuna Commission Meeting

Source: Save Our Seas Foundation | Added on: Nov 5th, 2012

Fishing nations at this year’s International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) meeting have adopted protections for silky sharks, but failed to take action to protect porbeagle sharks and to strengthen the ICCAT ban on shark finning.

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Canada a Renegade at ICCAT/Fails to Protect Porbeagles

Source: Sustainable Fisheries | Added on: Nov 5th, 2012

Following the recent ICCAT meeting Canada's porbeagle fishers get to continue hunting porbeagles despite their endangered status.

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Canada’s shark hunters get to keep their jobs

Source: | Added on: Nov 5th, 2012

At a meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in Istanbul, Turkey earlier this month, Canada was the only nation among 48 to defend porbeagle fishing and oppose a ban.

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Why Canada fishes endangered sharks

Source: CBC | Added on: Nov 25th, 2011

Faith Scatalon of Fisheries and Oceans Canada tries to justify Canada's position on the endangered shark fishery.

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Concerns about Porbeagle on CBC's Information Morning

Source: CBC | Added on: Nov 24th, 2011

Shannon Arnold of the Ecology Action Centre questions why Canada supports a fishery of an endangered species.

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Shannon Arnold and Friends of Hector on 'Habitat' Radio Program

Source: CKDU 88.1 | Added on: Nov 30th, 2010

Shannon Arnold was interviewed on Erica Butler's program 'Habitat,' about the EAC's role at the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) and the Friends of Hector campaign.

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Ecology Action Centre: Canada needs to do more to save sharks

Source: Dan Arsenault | Added on: Nov 29th, 2010

A Halifax environmental group is giving Canada mixed marks for its efforts at an ocean conservation meeting that ended Saturday in Paris....


We managed to get at least a small mention of shark and sea turtle protection squeeked into Greenberg's article. Better than nothing!



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